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A deep dive into Health Shield’s Corporate Health Cash Plan

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, so do our Health Cash Plans. Perfect for businesses who want to take a more proactive approach to employee health and wellbeing and try to combat sickness absence in the process, our award-winning plans are tailored to your workforce demographics and budget.



Our range of Health Cash Plans:

  • Classic - for businesses with three or more employees and is employer-paid, this Health Cash Plan has four levels of cover available
  • Corporate - this Health Cash Plan is employee paid and has six levels of cover available
  • Flexible - with five levels of cover available, the flexible Health Cash Plan is ideal for larger businesses and can be either employer or employee paid
  • Tailored - this Health Cash Plan allows you to choose a mix of benefits to create a plan perfectly suited for your business


In this blog, we’re going to focus on Health Shield’s Corporate Health Cash Plan and discuss in detail how it could be the right employee benefit for your employees and your business.

The Corporate Health Cash Plan is suited to businesses who recognise the value of looking after their employees’ wellbeing but might not have the budget to pay for it. As mentioned above, it’s employee paid. Employees simply choose from the six levels of cover available based on their budget, then pay for it via payroll deduction.

To get started, simply speak to a member of the Health Shield team. An Employee Wellbeing Consultant (EWC) will work with you to agree the best way to launch the plan to employees. Whether your business is based in a central location or has multiple sites, there’s plenty of options to encourage employees to sign up. Your EWC provides all the relevant information in suitable formats (e.g. webinar Q&A sessions, posters for communal areas and more). Employees can contact your EWC with any questions they might have about the different levels of cover and benefits. 


So why Health Shield?

What sets us out from the rest is the level of support we provide. From the day you get in touch, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Your employees will be able to contact us directly with any questions both before and after signing up. We understand that as an employer, your schedules are pretty busy - which is why we help where we can.


What’s in it for both parties?

Employer benefits include:

  • A plan that’s highly valued by your employees
  • Contributes to the general health and wellbeing of staff and their families
  • A cost-effective benefit that helps you manage attendance
  • Facilitates employees’ return to work after a period of absence

Employee benefits include:

  • Money back for everyday, and sometimes unforeseen, healthcare costs
  • An affordable, simple, and accessible way to manage their health and wellbeing
  • Option for dependent children or a partner to be added to their plan
  • Choose a level of cover that suits their circumstances and budget


Want to find out more about our Corporate Health Cash Plan? Watch our video series that talks more about the plan and how it can help your business through this trying time.

Watch our video series...

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