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Five reasons to implement Health Shield’s Corporate Health Cash Plan

Health Shield’s Corporate Health Cash Plan is a cost-neutral plan that supports your employees’ health and wellbeing. Employees choose the level of cover that suits their budget and fund their own plan via payroll deduction. As it’s voluntary, the plan doesn’t cost the employer a penny.

5 reasons to implement a health cash plan


With so many Health Cash Plans available with multiple providers, it’s hard to choose the one best-suited to your business and employees’ needs. To help you decide, here are five reasons you should implement Health Shield’s Corporate Health Cash Plan:

  • For the money an average person spends in a coffee shop…

…employees could manage their health and wellbeing. So, employees can rest assured that whatever their budget, it won’t cost the earth. Health Shield’s Corporate Health Cash Plan has six levels of cover, starting at Access Level, running through to Prestige Level. Starting at only £5.40 per month at Access Level, it’s a worthy contender for an employee benefit. You can see all prices here under weekly/monthly premiums and also view annual benefit maximums.

  • Access to a wide range of wellbeing benefits 

As well as the everyday healthcare benefits that the plan provides, such as money back on dental, optical and much more, employees will also have access to MyWellness:

  • My Counselling – a 24/7 Counselling Helpline that offers support to employees around stress, anxiety, financial concerns, family issues and more.
  • My GP Anytime – Giving your employees a 24/7 direct line to a GP via phone or video chat. Employees can also have prescriptions delivered directly to their work or home address.
  • My On-Demand Physio – Access to a qualified physiotherapist via phone or video chat with a personal diagnosis and recovery plan.
  • My PERKS – The ultimate discounts and offers platform offering hundreds of deals and discounts on big brands.
  • My Home Assistance – Whether it’s help with household chores, grocery shopping or mobility, members can get a helping hand after a stay in hospital.
  • My Health Assessments – An online platform that helps employees monitor their health and lifestyle with additional support from nutrition diaries, stress and fitness programmes plus video guides.
  • My Cancer Screening – Your employees will have access to a variety of tests that will detect the early stages of some of the most common cancers (at an additional cost).


  • Benefits for the employer

That’s right, it’s not just your employees who’ll benefit! Having a Health Cash Plan that’s highly valued by your employees is likely to result in a more loyal, engaged and productive workforce.

Plus, the plan can facilitate employees’ return to work after a period of absence, leaving you to take care of business. 

This employee-paid plan is a cost-effective benefit that aims to drive down sickness absence and drive up productivity. 


  • We know our stuff

The fact that our friendly society is owned by our members means we constantly strive to enhance customer experience and offer the most relevant and affordable benefits. We’ve been around since 1877, helping railway workers keep their health on track. Today, we're still steaming ahead, with over 350,000 members and their families benefiting from our products and services*. Our award-winning plans are tailored to meet the needs of every business, no matter the shape or size.


  • Friendly by name, friendly by nature

As a not-for-profit, our caring nature means we’re committed to keeping the whole of your business in the best of health – we will never leave it all to you. From the start, we’ll be on hand to answer both yours and your employees’ questions. 


Want to find out more about our Corporate Health Cash Plan? Watch our video series that talks more about the plan and how it can help your business through this trying time.

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* This was accurate at the time of writing.

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