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How to provide big employee wellbeing benefits for a small price

Whilst the furlough scheme introduced by the Government helped save businesses from having to make some redundancies, many businesses still struggled to stay afloat, especially small-medium sized companies (SMEs). Unfortunately, even with restrictions beginning to lift, the financial impact remains and SMEs, in particular, are still having to make cuts in order to keep going. 

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Meanwhile, the increase in reported mental health issues as a result of COVID-19 can’t be ignored, with 56% of UK organisations experiencing an increase in demand for mental health support services. Unfortunately, the demand on hospitals over the last year has meant help hasn’t been available to those in need. Despite these figures, 43% of companies in the UK agree that mental health is not a cultural priority


So how can you provide the employee wellbeing benefits your staff need, for a small price?


Go digital, it’s a breeze...

Keeping the last year in mind, you can’t ignore the importance of embracing digital technologies in healthcare. Over the last year, GP appointments have become largely via phone or video, AI technology has been diagnosing issues via chatbots and Virtual Reality has been used to treat mental health issues

We understand that as an SME, you might not have the time, money or expertise to invest in a fully-fledged employee wellbeing strategy. That’s one of the reasons we built Breeze, the one-stop-solution, readily available for you to get started with, bringing everything together in one place. At just £4.00 per person, per month, your employees will have access to a full suite of employee benefits, designed to meet the needs of your whole business. So what does the £4.00 actually include?


The big benefits of Breeze

Breeze gives your employees the ability to book medical appointments and other wellbeing services 24/7 all from one place. At a click of a button you can access a mental health helpline, GP appointment, physio session and more using the Breeze app, meaning it doesn’t matter whether employees are on shifts or working remotely. Wherever they are, whenever they need support, your employees will have full access. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Doctors

Breeze gives your employees a direct line via phone or video chat, plus prescriptions delivered to your door.

  • 24/7 Counselling 

Your employees will have access to a mental health helpline and face-to-face support for stress, anxiety, bereavement, financial and family matters.

  • Physiotherapists

Your employees can book consultations with a qualified physio via phone or video call with a personal diagnosis and recovery plan.

  • Health Assessments

Breeze includes access to online health and lifestyle assessments with clear recommendations on how to improve every aspect of wellbeing.

  • Wellbeing Library

Includes a dedicated space full of insightful articles and guides about nutrition, mental health and fitness programmes and videos.

  • Wellbeing App

Clinically proven to prevent, detect and treat mental health conditions, your employees will gain access to the NHS approved* Thrive app.

  • Home Assistance

For those looking for additional support at home after a stay in hospital. This could include help with household chores, local shopping and mobility. 

  • Rewards Scheme

Helping employees’ salaries go further with access to hundreds of deals and discounts on big brands.


Aside from the above, something we’re really passionate about is offering support every step of the way. This is why with Breeze, you get support from the get-go, with ongoing access to wellbeing expertise, want to know more? Explore Breeze. 


To find out more about how employee health and wellbeing can support SMEs, download our report Wellbeing: the way forward for SMEs.

Wellbeing report


*The app meets NHS quality standards for clinical effectiveness, safety, usability and accessibility and has a supportive evidence base.