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How We Practice What We Preach.

Your employees are the heart of your business, so showing them you care is fundamental, as happy, healthy employees lead to a thriving business.


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Happiness is the highest form of health – Dalai Lama

These are just some of the ways we go the extra mile here at Health Shield to look after our employees.

Internal campaigns

Practising what you preach by treating your employees the same way you do your customers is key to creating a thriving company culture. By aligning all external and internal campaigns, you send a consistent message to the people that make a difference — employees and customers. Valentine’s Day was the ideal opportunity to demonstrate how we shared the love. Our employees were treated to a hand delivered Valentine’s card and chocolates from our Executive team and were asked to comment inside the card on what they loved most about working for Health Shield. These were then pinned to two giant hearts in our breakout area for everyone to read.


The key themes that we took away from the comments were:

  1. Friendly, supportive and always listening to each other and our members
  2. Employees and members are valued and cared for
  3. Flexitime enables a strong work-life balance
  4. Great team spirit and fun working within teams.

Staff were also encouraged to get interactive by helping us to #SpreadTheLove across our internal social media. This not only created strong employee engagement but also aligned with our digital campaigns which ran across our website and social media channels.

Employee engagement survey

Gaining insight into each employees’ wellbeing and experience working within your business is invaluable when it comes to employee satisfaction. Giving employees an anonymous platform to voice their opinions links with our core brand values to ensure we are member focused, always listening and continually improving.

By asking employees to rate their experiences on all areas of the business from their own personal wellbeing to the support provided by their teams and managers, it’s easy to gain a full insight into what is working well and where improvement is needed.

It’s from this feedback that we are able to improve the company culture whilst letting our staff know that their opinions and loyalty are valued.

Work-life balance

Get the most out of your employees by introducing flexible working. Providing a work-life balance helps to tackle areas such as absenteeism, presenteeism and work-related stress, meaning employees will become more productive and motivated when in work. Creating a relaxed and comfortable working environment (such as mini kitchens for departments, a breakout area with a TV and sofas and even a mini gym) for your employees means you will reap the benefits as an employer.

Benefits we offer beyond the office include a learning and development incentive giving employees the chance to grow and development both personally and professionally, which not only benefits employees’ skills and knowledge but also the business by maintaining a high calibre workforce.

In addition, we offer a Cycle to Work Scheme and the ability to purchase additional holidays. With 69% of staff saying they’d be more likely to stay with an employer that offers good benefits*, it’s an opportunity that your business just can’t afford to miss.

 On-site wellbeing benefits

The health and wellbeing of your employees is priceless. Keep your employees feeling happy, healthy and motivated by providing regular on-site wellbeing benefits. Here at Health Shield, employees have the chance to book in for a 30-minute massage at a time that best suits them in their working day. Employees also have access to an on-site gym and a generous supply of fruit delivered weekly, helping employees to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever the size of your business, looking after your staff doesn’t have to break the bank. Employees want to feel motivated, valued and fulfilled within their role, so it’s important to create a company culture that every one of your employees can thrive in.