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Occupational Health Solutions: Management Referrals

Here at Health Shield, we’ve been focussed on keeping our customers in the best of health through affordable employee benefits. However, with our expert knowledge and experience in the industry, we believe our service is more than just a benefits scheme. We will work with you to help get more out of your business, more productivity, motivation, talent, innovation, reassurance and importantly, more value.

According to Mercer, employees lose an average of 30.4 working days a year as a result of ill-health, causing productivity levels to dip for both the absent employee and the overall team. Employee wellbeing solutions such as occupational health are designed to avoid this, helping people lead healthier, happier more productive lives and in turn, supporting the business needs in terms of productivity and absence rates. We offer multiple occupational health solutions, including Management Referrals.

During these difficult times, a lot of employees are working from home, making managing employee absence much harder. Our service uses telephone and video consultations rather than face-to-face meetings, meaning social distancing rules can still be followed.

Management Referrals


Management Referrals

Managing absenteeism in your business can be costly and can take away vital time from other responsibilities. Absenteeism can be highly damaging to a business, in fact, according to Small Business, seven in ten small businesses say high absenteeism rates are impacting their profitability and productivity. Management Referrals take the stress away from you as an employer and allow you to continue with everyday tasks knowing that occupational health professionals are taking the matter in hand.


What do Health Shield’s Management Referrals include?

Our absence management team will liaise with the absent employee via a telephone, video or web consultation in accordance with your duty of care and facilitate their return to work, enabling you and your management team to focus more on the business.


Health Shield’s Support Service

Here at Health Shield, we want to help every step of the way which is why we have an occupational health support service available to anyone who uses the Management Referral service. You’ll have a direct line to an occupational health professional to discuss any workplace issues and receive professional advice.


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