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Occupational Health Solutions: Online Health Questionnaires

Since 1877, we’ve been focussed on keeping our customers in the best of health. Here at Health Shield, we truly believe that nothing should get in the way of good healthcare, which is why we harness the latest technology and experience in the industry to provide affordable, accessible and flexible employee benefits. In order to keep your workforce healthy, happy and more productive you need to think about occupational health. 

Occupational Health



What do Health Shield’s Occupational Health Questionnaires include?

During this time of uncertainty your employees need your support — and we want to help. Many businesses are running from the homes of their employees at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support their health and wellbeing. Our Occupational Health Questionnaires will help you monitor the health of your workforce and identify any health problems, even whilst they’re working from home, we can then work with you to find a solution. Health Shield recognises that not every role has the same risks and therefore offers a number of different questionnaires in order for you to find the right fit for your business.

These include:

New Starter - each time you have a new starter, you’re within your rights to ask about any health issues to assess whether any adjustments need to be made to the workplace. 

Night Worker - employees who work after 11pm and before 6am should be offered an annual Night Worker Health Questionnaire to ensure their health is consistently being monitored. 

Display System Equipment (DSE) - as an employer, you’re required to offer employees who work with display screen equipment a DSE assessment every year. 

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) - Employees who use vibrating machinery are required to have a HAVS review, this is one of the key areas for claims against employers.

Working at Heights - helping employers meet their duty of care by ensuring their employees are medically fit to operate at heights in their working environment, reducing potential risks.

Musculoskeletal Assessments - musculoskeletal injuries are damage caused to muscles, bones and joints. This questionnaire reviews the risk to those who are exposed to potential musculoskeletal injuries or who already suffer from musculoskeletal health problems.

Maternity - a risk assessment should be conducted when an employee is expecting a baby to ensure the workplace isn’t putting the expectant mother or baby at any risk.


Health Shield’s Occupational Health Support Service

Here at Health Shield, we want to help every step of the way which is why we have an occupational health support service available to anyone who uses the Occupational Health Questionnaire service. You’ll have a direct line to an occupational health expert to discuss any workplace issues and receive professional advice.


To find out about more of our occupational health solutions, head to our website. 

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