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The truth about our lockdown challenges

Our mini-podcast series covers a range of topics from anxiety, home-schooling, screen time and pregnancy during a pandemic. Health Shield staff volunteered to take part in the following videos and share their personal experiences and views on life during a global pandemic.


Episode 1: COVID-19 anxiety

It’s not just about checking for physical symptoms, the mental impact of COVID-19 is widespread. In our series of videos, our staff bravely volunteered to discuss how they’re feeling about it and what’s helped them to cope in these unprecedented times.

_ep01_covid anxiety_master_external



Episode 2: Kids screentime in lockdown

Screen time has been on the rise, especially during lockdown but as a key method for friends to stay in touch and an outlet during difficult times, it’s clear access to technology for children can have its pros and cons. Some Health Shield parents shared their experiences and views:





Episode 3: Mums in lockdown

Being a mum or mum-to-be during a pandemic is a unique experience. We chatted to some Health Shield staff about their thoughts and experiences, from rollercoaster days of multitasking, to helpful ways to keep in touch with other mums-to-be, hear how they adjusted to a new normal.max-van-den-oetelaar-buymYm3RQ3U-unsplash (2)

_ep03_mum in covid_master_external





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