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The truth about our lockdown challenges

Our mini-podcast series covers a range of topics from anxiety, home-schooling, screen time and pregnancy during a pandemic. Health Shield staff volunteered to take part in the following videos and share their personal experiences and views on ...

Primary foods

By wellness business coach, yoga teacher and health coach, Victoria Adams.

The four primary foods are Relationships, Exercise, Career and Spirituality. When one (or all) of these categories are not met (or “fed”), we turn to secondary foods ...

Is your energy bank balance in the red?

By Health Coach and founder of Peppermint Wellness, Suzy Glaskie.

We’re all familiar with the concept of a bank account. We know that if we spend more than is in our bank account, we run into problems. We also know that if we attempt to drive ...

Becoming a new mum during COVID-19

Having a new baby can be challenging enough at the best of times, but given the current circumstances it’s understandable if you (or someone who know) is a new mum (or dad) and is facing additional worries about COVID-19. There’ll probably be ...

A vaccine for COVID-19? Update on developments

A key hope in the fight against COVID-19 is the development of an effective vaccine. Barely a day goes by without media reports of ‘significant developments,’ but what’s the reality?

Introduction to movement

If you’ve started an ambitious exercise routine, but then lost inspiration and given up, you’re not alone. Exercise can often feel like a chore, so understanding what motivates us is key to staying engaged with movement and combating more ...

We’re all going on a staycation – what to keep in the medicine kit for the great British summer!

I’m sure by now most of us will have come to terms with the fact that many of our holiday plans have changed dramatically. Dreams of golden sands, palm trees and exotic cocktails may have been replaced by thoughts of deckchairs in the garden, or ...

Preparing for a possible second wave of Coronavirus - is there anything you can do?

Despite lots of countries making strides to keep coronavirus under control, the fact is that this bug is still out there. At the moment, it’s not currently known how many of us have immunity to it. Estimates vary widely, and there’s a lot of ...

Maintaining a positive company culture during a global crisis

Maintaining a positive environment and staying connected during tough times is no easy feat, but by enabling open communication and supporting each other, our leadership and people have helped to keep spirits and morale high.

We wanted to share ...

Why talking is such a comfort

By Health Coach and founder of Peppermint Wellness, Suzy Glaskie.

When things are tough for us, our inclination might be to plaster on a smile, pretend that everything is hunky-dory and crack on as normal – while inside we are silently screaming.