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Preparing for a possible second wave of Coronavirus - is there anything you can do?

Despite lots of countries making strides to keep coronavirus under control, the fact is that this bug is still out there. At the moment, it’s not currently known how many of us have immunity to it. Estimates vary widely, and there’s a lot of ...

Maintaining a positive company culture during a global crisis

Maintaining a positive environment and staying connected during tough times is no easy feat, but by enabling open communication and supporting each other, our leadership and people have helped to keep spirits and morale high.

We wanted to share ...

Why talking is such a comfort

By Health Coach and founder of Peppermint Wellness, Suzy Glaskie.

When things are tough for us, our inclination might be to plaster on a smile, pretend that everything is hunky-dory and crack on as normal – while inside we are silently screaming.

Would you talk to a friend the way you talk to yourself?

By Health Coach and founder of Peppermint Wellness, Suzy Glaskie.

It’s amazing how careful we can be to avoid saying anything that might potentially offend someone else. But, oh, what a different story it is when it comes to talking to ourselves! ...

Post viral fatigue for COVID-19 survivors

You contracted COVID-19, but weren’t ill enough to need hospitalisation. You battled through the acute stages of the illness yourself, and now your temperature is back to normal and your cough has subsided. You’ve started feeling better, but it’s ...

Post-lockdown anxiety - a real 'thing' or all in our heads?

A big congratulations to each and every one of us – we’ve managed to get through the last few months of life in lockdown. The restrictions are now easing, life is starting to return to some sort of normality and you can finally get to the ...

Coping with stress

We’re taking on the topic of stress and discussing ways in which you can reduce stress levels, particularly in these changing times. Health Coach Suzy Glaskie gives some great tips and techniques that are easy to try and can make a real ...

'Tapping' to combat stress

We sat down with Health Coach, Suzy Glaskie to discuss the benefits of an Emotional Freedom Technique known as ‘Tapping’. This is a fantastic tool that can help to ease anxiety and combat stress.

Set yourself up for a quality night's sleep

We chatted to Health Coach and Presenter of the Wellness Unwrapped podcast, Suzy Glaskie, about the impact of sleep on the different areas of our wellbeing. Suzy gives some top tips for a quality night's sleep, as well as shedding some light on ...

6 tips to foster a company culture of inclusivity

Think about it, if we all had the same experiences, opinions and skillsets, the world would be a boring place and we’d achieve very little. It’s individuality that makes up an eclectic team of people in any innovative team, group or organisation.