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The importance of employee wellbeing

Over the last few months, the world has gone through a huge change and has had to learn to adapt to new ways of working. Pre COVID-19, company culture had come to light as the core of a business, with the idea that a happy workforce fuels a successful company. Employee wellbeing is a good place to start, and now more than ever, putting the health of your employees first is vital. As businesses across the world begin to think about reopening, employee wellbeing shouldn’t be overlooked.

The importance of employee wellbeing


Occupational Health services are a key tool in supporting employee wellbeing whether that’s ensuring the environment they work in is safe with minimum risk to their health, ensuring they’re physically and mentally fit for work, or providing proactive support to employees on their return to work.   

As you reopen your business, your employees will be more valuable than ever and employee wellbeing is the perfect solution to help both them and you through this transition back to work, find out how.

For the employee: improves health
For the employer: reduces absenteeism

Occupational health solutions offer your employees access to support that aims to facilitate a smooth return to work after a period of absence. Occupational health questionnaires help identify any potential risk of illness or injury within the workplace, enabling you to take action and prevent employees from having the need to take time off. 

Other wellbeing benefits include flexible working, often employees struggle with their work / life balance. Offering flexible working hours allows employees to work on a schedule that suits them, helping boost morale and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. 

For the employee: increases happiness
For the employer: retains employees

High employee turnover can be costly. The time that goes into the recruitment process, training and nurturing staff through probation - it adds up, which is why it’s important to retain the best employees.

Looking after your employees and genuinely caring about their health and wellbeing is something they value. In fact, 93% of employees say they’re more likely to stay with an empathetic employer. When looking at implementing a wellbeing solution, be sure to find one that meets both your business’ and employees’ needs. Occupational health solutions such as Stress Interventions offers employees a support system to help with their return to work, educating them on how to cope with stress.

For the employee: reduces stress
For the employers: increases productivity

It might be a little obvious but when you feel better, you work better. More sleep, healthier foods and more energy will increase employees’ productivity. When employees are tired and stressed, they find it more difficult to focus and struggle to work as efficiently. Introducing occupational health solutions will educate staff on how to lead a healthier lifestyle, emphasising the importance of being fit for work. In fact, looking into solutions such as health questionnaires and risk surveillance will help identify any risk to employees’ health, both physically and mentally, ensuring the working environment is safe for employees.

Implementing occupational health solutions gives you access to the right tools and expert knowledge to support your employees. To ensure your staff get the best help, ask them how they’re feeling and whether they need additional support.


Download our Employee Health and Wellbeing questionnaire and find out how your employees really feel.

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