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What is your employee wellbeing strategy missing?

Despite the continuous findings that prove how important workplace wellbeing is, 12% of UK employers still don’t believe in supporting the wellbeing of their employees. However, the remaining 88% believe they have a responsibility in caring for the wellbeing of their employees, with 43% offering flexible working as a method of supporting the mental and physical health of their employees. 

According to the same survey, other methods used to support employee wellbeing included arranging social events and offering support via stress management and counselling. All of these wellbeing solutions are a great start to supporting your employees but you might find that they don’t suit the needs of everyone. 

What is your employee wellbeing strategy missing?


When was the last time you checked how appreciative your staff were of your employee wellbeing offerings? It’s been reported that 42% of employers don’t measure the success of their wellbeing strategies and therefore could be missing out on the benefits to their business. To really see the impact of employee wellbeing on your business, you need to be sure your strategies are supporting your staff. 

So, what is your employee wellbeing strategy missing? Well, often, the vital ingredient that is overlooked is individuality. When implementing a wellbeing strategy, the needs of your employees must be considered and whilst finding the perfect balance to suit all of your workforce may seem challenging, you can incorporate wellbeing solutions that offer a personal touch to really support each and every person.

There are plenty of options available that offer bespoke solutions, such as a tailored health cash plan, enabling you, the employer, to select the healthcare benefits best-suited to your employees. However, to really achieve a wellbeing strategy that is bespoke to each individual, we advise taking your solution digital. 

Offering a one-stop-shop that gives your employees access to amazing perks and benefits based on their individual needs. Digital solutions such as apps, portals, and surveys will allow you to provide personalised content such as top tips and advice based on the employee’s profile, giving you the perfect platform to encourage a healthy lifestyle and offer support. 

Having an online portal or app exclusive to employees will give them a safe space to focus on their health. Having an option to log their current lifestyle choices such as the amount of exercise they engage in and the foods they eat will help them monitor their health in a private forum. Additionally, having this information will give you visibility over your business to understand how healthy your workforce really is. 

Why not send out surveys to understand why employees feel the way they do? Are your staff taking too much on? You might find you need additional resources. Are your staff struggling with colleague relationships? Your business could benefit from a team bonding session. Having a space like this to really get to know your employees will provide you with invaluable information that will only have positive benefits on your business. 


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