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How Health Shield can help businesses prevent stress in the workplace.

Welcome to the final blog of the series Mental Health and Stress. In the last blog, we discussed the key steps to solving workplace stress. Now, we want to focus specifically on Health Shield and how we can help businesses prevent stress at work. 

How Health Shield can help businesses prevent stress in the workplace


Health Shield is an award-winning Health Cash Plan provider that has been supporting businesses and their employees since 1877, by helping them with everyday healthcare costs. As a friendly society, or mutual, our values centre around putting our customers first.  We’ve been caring for our customers for over 140 years and each year we review our products and improve them to benefit our customers and to remain competitive in the health and wellbeing sector. 

Employers rely on our tailored benefits packages to nurture workplace wellbeing – keeping people in the best of health. And that goes for the bottom line too, see what suits you:


Health Cash Plans

With our Health Cash Plans your employees can simply claim back the costs of dental
check-ups, fillings, eye tests, physiotherapy, prescriptions and much more up to an agreed limit. They’ll also get ‘MyWellness’, the additional wellbeing and rewards benefits.

  • Classic Health Cash Plan

Paid for by the employer, this plan is ideal if you have over three employees.

  • Corporate Health Cash Plan

Paid for by your employees via payroll, there’s six levels of cover.

  • Flexible Health Cash Plan

Ideal for businesses with a flexible benefits platform and can be paid for by the employer or employee.

  • Tailored Health Cash Plan

Ideal for businesses that want to deliver a wellbeing strategy by choosing a selection of benefits that suits all their employees requirements.


Every plan comes with MyWellness…

The additional wellbeing and rewards package depends on the Health Cash Plan you choose. 

Here’s everything MyWellness has to offer:

  • My 24/7 Counselling
  • My GP Anytime
  • My Online Health Assessments
  • My On-Demand Physio
  • My Cancer Screening
  • My Home Assistance
  • My PERKS
  • My Wellbeing App

Let’s get the ball rolling and take a look in more detail.

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