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International Day of Families

International Day of Families, celebrated annually on May 15th, honours the significance of families and the essential role families play as the building blocks of society. This day celebrates the diverse forms that families embody across various ...

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

The skin is a remarkable feature of the human body. It plays a crucial role in maintaining our health by shielding us from harm and infections, regulating body temperature, managing fluid balance, and eliminating waste through our sweat glands. ...

Celebrating Earth Day: Health Shield's Sustainable Initiatives

Earth Day, observed annually on April 22nd, is a global event dedicated to environmental protection and raising awareness about pressing environmental issues. At Health Shield, one of our core values is ‘responsible’ we make sure we are accountable ...

How a Health Shield Cash Plan helps attract, keep, and engage talent

A health cash plan is your simple, cost-effective solution to attract and retain top talent, showing your commitment to employee wellbeing and engagement.

Empowering employees: How health cash plans support financial wellbeing

If you’re looking to take your company's wellbeing strategy to the next level, you can support your people with health benefits that offer financial rewards too.

How employee benefits can support the mental health of remote workers

As the number of organisations embracing a hybrid working system has grown, so too has the need for employers to understand the pivotal role that a well-rounded employee benefits package plays in supporting the mental wellbeing of their people.

Improve the work-life balance of your employees with a health cash plan

If you’re an employer with compassion and generosity at its core, you’ll be looking for ways to create a harmonious work-life environment for your employees.

How offering employee benefits can help to engage your team

Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of any well-functioning organisation. Engaged teams are high-performing teams that achieve their goals and contribute toward the success of the company. 

The ultimate employee benefit is the Health Cash Plan

For organisations to retain and attract top talent in today’s competitive hiring market, offering desirable employee benefits is a must. It also helps with creating a positive culture where happy employees can thrive. 

Empowering your team through menopause

Did you know that 75% of women endure symptoms related to menopause?[1] This natural transition usually takes place between ages 45-55, but it can occur earlier and varies greatly from person to person.As someone invested in the wellbeing of your ...