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How healthcare cash plans boost productivity and employee morale.

Welcome back for the third blog of this series. So far, we’ve discussed the effects of mental health on productivity in the workplace and how employers can help make a change. In the final blog of the series, we’ll discuss health and wellbeing benefits more specifically and how they can help boost productivity and employee morale. 

How healthcare cash plans boost productivity and employee morale


Health and wellbeing benefits, such as Health Cash Plans, are designed to meet both the employee and employers’ needs by being a cost-efficient benefit that allows the employer or employee to choose from a mix of healthcare solutions. The core concept is that Health Cash Plan customers can claim money back for everyday healthcare costs such as dental, optical and physio. The added value is that they have access to a range of wellbeing benefits such as counselling, Health Screening, GP Anytime and much more.

It ultimately comes down to the fact that access to these benefits can improve general health in your employees and therefore contributes to reducing absenteeism. These plans give your employees the reassurance that their everyday health appointments are covered, which in turn encourages your employees to go for regular check ups before they become ill. This preventative healthcare is what helps your business see the benefits, giving you the opportunity to support your staff before the problem escalates and promote a better working environment. 

Studies have shown that 42% of people have considered resignation because of workplace stress, whilst 66% of employees say they would leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated. Offering additional health benefits to your staff not only looks after their general health and wellbeing but also keeps the office morale high, giving your employees a sense of reward. Appreciating your staff will keep them motivated to stay focussed and be more productive.  

When it comes to unhappy employees, not being able to trust the boss is a big factor. In fact, Forbes recorded a staggering 58% of people said they would trust strangers over their own boss. Offering your employees a Health Cash Plan helps build trust between you and your employees, showing that you respect and appreciate them enough to want to actively support their wellbeing both in and out of the workplace. 

Keeping employee morale high will give your business plenty of benefits in return, including improved productivity. Our top tip to boosting employee morale and keeping it uplifted is to go that extra mile for your employees to show that you value them and their contribution. 

Reward them with extra holidays for great work, offer wellness programmes to give them the ‘me-time’ that everyone needs, provide health benefits to take away a little stress or worry - something that helps them personally. We also advise encouraging your staff to work collaboratively, initiating team activities and collaborative sessions to help bring your team closer together. For example, take everyone out of the office for a day to do something fun, giving all parts of the business a chance to get to know each other. 

Ultimately, it’s all about encouraging employees to understand the link between physical and mental health, alongside how much it can impact their productivity in the workplace. By providing a holistic Health Cash Plan that includes access to wellbeing benefits and mental health support, you can actively promote preventative self-care and encourage employees to take an active role in improving their health. As an employer, you’re helping your employees outside of work, however these actions can have a major impact on your workforce productivity. 

Not to mention, how much it can save you. Take a look at our range of Health Cash Plans.


Want to learn more about mental health in the workplace? Look out for the final blog in our series, where we discuss Mental Health and Stress. For more information on mental health in the workplace, download our ebook.

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