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Maintaining a positive company culture during a global crisis

Maintaining a positive environment and staying connected during tough times is no easy feat, but by enabling open communication and supporting each other, our leadership and people have helped to keep spirits and morale high.

We wanted to share some of the ways we’ve been keeping our company culture high to align with our core values and business ethos to help our people and communities live healthier, happier, more productive lives.

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Lending an ear

‘Always listening’ is one of our core values that we’ve embed into our company culture. Since March, our HR Team have engaged regularly in a series of ‘care calls’ with all staff to check in on their wellbeing, providing support and signposting to relevant support services. Taking the time to call and being empathetic to individuals’ circumstances remind each individual employee that they’re valued and there’s always support on hand if they need it.

Keeping in touch

Maintaining a culture where everyone feels connected is top of the list. With some staff working remotely, and others widely spread out due to social distancing, we’ve made sure virtual lines of communication are left open at all times. Whether it’s sharing heart-warming stories, company updates, or just dropping a message to say hello, we’ve been making the most of Glip, our internal messenger, to stay in touch.

Our teams have also hosted regular virtual quizzes and lunches and games to keep everyone across all departments engaged and motivated. It’s important to never underestimate the power of communication, we all need a little morale boost from time to time.

Wellbeing updates

Looking after our people is where we strive to do our best, so we’ve introduced monthly wellbeing updates based on a particular theme, such as mental health or coping with stress. Reminding staff of the benefits they have access to and sharing useful resources and services, helps our people to keep track of their health and wellbeing.

We’ve also given all staff access to our Breeze platform, providing them with tailored pathways to remote wellbeing services based on a series of wellbeing assessments.

Keeping everyone in the loop

We all look for reassurance during unsettling times, so keeping our staff up to date with the latest news and information on how we’re dealing with the current crisis has remained our top priority. Hosting regular interactive Q&A sessions has enabled Execs and HR to keep us informed whilst allowing staff the opportunity to raise any questions.

Not only does regular open communication create an honest, trustworthy culture, it also helps create an environment for staff to feel heard and valued.

Listening to staff

Creating an environment for staff to flourish is the foundation of any positive company culture, that’s why there’s nothing more important than giving employees an open platform to allow their opinions to be heard.

At Health Shield, we always encourage staff feedback because we believe in the power of improvement, creating a positive environment that drives motivation, enthusiasm, and productivity.

Bi-annually we send out an engagement survey, giving staff the opportunity to rate their experiences and provide comments for improvement. Our latest survey included a section specifically on COVID-19, providing staff with another channel to highlight any concerns and support us as we navigate these challenging times.

Our quarterly ‘All Ideas Matter’ (AIM) forum is now being held virtually, where representatives from each department get together to discuss ideas, feedback and updates on how to improve our working environment.

Celebrating work milestones

There’s nothing more uplifting than cheering on your teammates and we’ve made sure that even though we can’t all get together, we still recognise the achievements of our staff. Over the last few months, we’ve had several long-standing work anniversaries, so we’ve made company-wide special announcements to celebrate our dedicated staff.

Welcoming staff back to work

As lockdown continues to ease, we’ve put measures in place as we welcome some of our staff back into the office, making the transition as easy as possible. By providing welcome packs, we’re making sure all of our staff feel as safe and comfortable as possible as we all work together to navigate to adapt to a new office environment.


Staying connected and keeping everyone engaged during a time when we’re more isolated than ever is the key to maintaining a positive company culture. By putting these initiatives in place, businesses can strengthen the agility and resilience of their staff, as we adapt and navigate new ways of working.



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