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How to communicate the benefits of a Corporate Health Cash Plan to your employees

Health Shield’s Corporate Health Cash Plan is designed to help employers who recognise the value of employee wellbeing but might not have the budget to pay for it. This employee-paid plan gives employees the choice of six levels of cover that is paid via payroll deduction.

From the start, we support you in promoting this benefit to your employees and encourage them to see the value of managing their own health and wellbeing. We help employees feel comfortable and confident in choosing the level of cover that’s right for them, supporting them in looking after their health and wellbeing through the Corporate Health Cash Plan.

How to communicate the benefits of a Corporate Health Cash Plan to your employees


Whilst employee wellbeing has been a key focus for businesses over the last couple of years, COVID-19 has made supporting employees more important than ever. Health Shield’s Corporate Health Cash Plan is a cost-neutral plan meaning you support the health and wellbeing of your employees without it costing the earth. 

How does Health Shield support employers?

When implementing a Corporate Health Cash Plan, you’ll be assigned an Employee Wellbeing Consultant (EWC) who’ll work with you to get your plan up and running. This includes working collaboratively to create a communication plan that you can use to promote it and encourage your employees to enrol. 

Depending on how your business promotes employee benefits, the EWC will suggest ways they can support launch activities and engagement. They’ll be on hand to answer any questions employees have about their Health Cash Plan, including services and choosing a level of cover.

 Here are a few ideas:

  1. Virtual Q&A sessions: these are scheduled at times when employees are available and, of course, can include multiple locations. Some businesses choose to run their own sessions.
  2. Wellbeing days: virtual or face to face, these can be on specific benefits and services or a general overview of what the cash plan is.
  3. Recorded presentations: these can be saved on benefit platforms for employees to watch at their leisure. At the end there are contact details if they have any questions.
  4. Intranet: content can be provided and made available to employees as part of the other benefits that the business provides. This could include FAQs, presentations, Membership Plans (further information on the plan) and articles.
  5. Marketing collateral: various printed material can be provided for communal areas such as canteens, staff rooms and meeting areas.
  6. Communications: businesses usually have regular updates for their employees, and we can help with communicating the benefits of the plan or if there’s a theme month on a health and wellbeing topic.


Want to find out more about our Corporate Health Cash Plan? Watch our video series that talks more about the plan and how it can help your business through this trying time.

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